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FAA PreSolo Required Education

Meet Aeronautical Knowledge Requirements (FAR 61.87, 61.105)

Airplane Specific Education

Learn about your flight school airplane, including preflight checks, instruments, systems and V-Speeds.

Local Airspace Education

Learn about your local airspace including home airport, surrounding airports, A-G airspace requirements.

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3-part Educational Process


Part #1: Fundamentals of FlightMeet 61.87 part b, aeronautical knowledge for student pilot pre-solo training


  • Lesson 1:Airplane Flight Controls: Pitch, Roll, Yaw — 61.87(d)(3), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 2:Airplane Engines and How They Produce Power — 61.87(d)(2), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 3:Fuel System — 61.87(d)(3), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 4:Electrical System — 61.87(d)(3), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 5:Flight Instruments: Information They Provide and How They Operate — 61.87(d)(3), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 6:Engine Instruments: Monitoring Engine Performance — 61.87(d)(3), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 7:Aerodynamics: Lift, Drag and Angle of Attack — 61.87(d)(11), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 8:Aerodynamics: Straight and Level, Climb and Descent, and Maneuvering Flight — 61.87(d)(6,7,10), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 9:Aerodynamics: Slow Flight, Power On and Power Off Stalls, and Spins — 61.87(d)(11,12), 61.105(b)(11)


Lesson 9: Aerodynamics: Slow Flight, Power On and Power Off Stalls, and Spins (61.87(d)(11,12))


What is AV8Prep?

AV8Prep is the only online ground school that partners with Part 61 and Part 141 flight schools to create a custom online ground school, which meets FAA required aeronautical knowledge requirements and reviews the airplane and airspace you fly in.

3 Part Training Program:
1. FAA Required Aeronautical Knowledge Lessons
2. Aircraft Lessons (Customized to your training aircraft)
3. Local airspace Lessons (Customized to your local airspace)

What is included in my membership?

50+ Ground School Video Lessons & Quizzes

In-Flight Demonstrations from CFII Dave Kozeruba

Ask a CFI - Q&A Sessions