3-part Educational Process


Part #1: Fundamentals of FlightMeet 61.87 part b, aeronautical knowledge for student pilot pre-solo training


  • Lesson 1:Airplane Flight controls: Pitch, Roll, Yaw-61.87 (b)(1)(iii), 65.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 2:Airplane Engine & How They Produce Power 61.87(d)(1), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 3:Fuel System-61.87(d)(1), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 4:Electrical System-61.87(d)(1), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 5:Flight Instruments;Information They Provide & How They Operate-61.87(d)(1), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 6:Engine Instruments: Monitoring Engine Performance-61.87(d)(1), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 7:Aerodynamics; Lift, Drag and Angle Of Attack-61.87(d)(10), 61.105(b)(10)
  • Lesson 8:Aerodynamics:Straight & Level, Climb & Descent and Maneuvering Flight-61.87(d)(4)(5)(8),
  • Lesson 9:Aerodynamics: Slow Flight, Power On & Off Stalls & Spins-61.87(d)(9)(10), 61.105(b)(11)

Sample Lesson

Lesson 9: Aerodynamics: Slow Flight, Power On and Power Off Stalls, and Spins (61.87(d)(11,12))

Part #2: Preflight & AircraftLearn about your flight school airplane


  • Lesson 10:Requirements for Private Pilot certificate-61.103
  • Lesson 11:Pilot In Command Responsibility-91.3
  • Lesson 12:Hazardous Attitudes, Self Assessent (IMSAFE)-91.17, 61.105(b)(12), Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge-FAA
  • Lesson 13:Student Pilot Privileges and Limitations — 61.87(n), 61.89, 61.93
  • Lesson 14:Preflight Briefing: Sources, Types, Interpretation — 61.87(d)(1), 91.103, 61.105(b)(13)(1)
  • Lesson 15:Basic VFR Weather Minimums — 91.155, 61.105(b)(6)
  • Lesson 16:Weight & Balance-91.103, 61.105(b)(9)
  • Lesson 17:Required Documents: Pilot & Aircraft-91.7, 91.9, 91.203(a)(1)(2)(b)
  • Lesson 18:Pre-Flight Inspection-61.87(d)(1),91.7, 91.9, 91.103, 91.203, 91.205, 91.207, 91.209, 91.403, 91.409, 91.411, 91.413, 91.417
  • Lesson 19:Fuel Requirements — 61.87(d)(1), 91.151(a)(1)(2)
  • Lesson 20:Takeoff and Landing Distance Requirements — 61.87(d)(1)
  • Lesson 21:Custom Aircraft (Lesson customized to your flight school aircraft) – See Below

Custom Aircraft Training
Lesson 21

Built custom for your flight school aircraft. Interactive training video reviews:
  • V Speeds for your aircraft:
    Vr – Rotation Speed
    Vx – Best Angle of Climb
    Vy – Best Rate of Climb
    Vs – Stall Speed (Cruise Configuration)
    Vso – Stall Speed (Landing Configuration)
  • Va – Maneuvering Speed
    Vno- Max Speed for Normal Operations
    Vne- Never Exceed Speed
    Vfe – Max Flap Speed
    Vle- Max Gear Down Speed (if applicable)
    Vg – Best Glide Speed

Carbureted / Fuel Injected Details for your aircraft
High Wing / Low Wing Fuel System for your aircraft

Sample Lesson

Lesson 17: Required Documents: Pilot and Airplane — 61.83, 91.7, 91.9

Part #3: Ground and Flight Operations Learn about your local airspace including the rules and procedures


  • Lesson 22:Engine Start-61.87(d)(1)
  • Lesson 23:Ground Operations-61.87(d)(2), 91.107, 91.123, 91.209, AIM 2-3
  • Lesson 24:Engine Run-Up & Pre-Takeoff Checklist-61.87(d)(2)
  • Lesson 25:Normal Takeoff & Climb/Crosswind Takeoff & Climb-61.87(d)(3)
  • Lesson 26:Airport Traffic Patterns-61.87(d)(6), AIM 4-3-3
  • Lesson 27:Air, Ground & Radio Procedures: Non-Towered Airports-61.105(b)(5)
  • Lesson 28:Air, Ground & Radio Procedures: Towered Airports- 61.105(b)(5)
  • Lesson 29:Right of Way Rules — 91.113
  • Lesson 30:Minimum Safe Altitudes — 91.119
  • Lesson 31:Collision Avoidance-61.87(d)(7), 61.105(b)(7) 91.111(a)
  • Lesson 32:Wind Shear Avoidance-61.87(d)(7), 61.105(b)(6)
  • Lesson 33:Wake Turbulence: Identification & Avoidance-61.87.(d)(7), 61.105(b)(7)
  • Lesson 34:Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) — AIM 4-3-11
  • Lesson 35:Normal Approach & Landing-61.87(d)(13)
  • Lesson 36:Crosswind Approach & Landing-61.87(d)(3)
  • Lesson 37:Go-Around/ Aborted Landing Approach-61.87(d)(15)
  • Lesson 38:Emergency Situations-61.87)d)(11), 91.3(b)
  • Lesson 39:Lost Procedures-AIM-6-4-1, ACS-Task D-ASEL
  • Lesson 40:Airspace “A” to “G”- 91.126-135
  • Lesson 41:Special Use Airspace — AIM 3-4-1
  • Lesson 42:Custom Airspace (Lesson customized to your flight school airport and airspace) – See Below

Custom Airspace Training
Lesson 42

Built custom for your home airport, airspace and surrounding area. Interactive training video reviews:
  • Local Airport Diagram
    Home Airspace
  • Surrounding Airspace
    Long Cross-Country Flight Plan

FAA Practical Test Prep Supplement

  • Lesson 43:Short Field Takeoff
  • Lesson 44:Short Field Landing
  • Lesson 45:Soft Field Takeoff
  • Lesson 46:Soft Field Landing
  • Lesson 47:S Turn
  • Lesson 48:Steep Turn
  • Lesson 49:Turn About a Point
  • Lesson 50:Accident Reporting and Night Flying -NTSB 49 CFR 830, 61.57(b), 91.151(2), 91.209, 91.205(c), 61.107(b)(1)(xi)

Sample Lesson

Lesson 35: Normal Approach and Landing — 61.87(d)(5,10)

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Do you own a flight school?

Yes, I’d like to build a free ONLINE training program for my FLIGHT school.


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